8 Scarsdale Gourmet Diet

Stop being a gourmand, start being a gourmet!
The Scarsdale Gourmet Diet is a special version of the basic Scarsdale Medical Diet for those of you with epicurean tastes who want more menu variation, even if extra preparation time and effort are required.

This diet was carefully designed to trim down the overweight gourmet. It parallels the structure of the basic Scarsdale Medical Diet. By following directions precisely, even a gourmet will lose on average a pound or more per day, up to twenty or more pounds in the two weeks on the diet.

A gourmet is defined as â˜a connoisseur of fine food and drink; an epicure.’ Don’t confuse that with gourmand, â˜a person who is fond of good eating, usually indiscriminately and often to excess; a glutton.’ The gourmand tends to be overweight, overstuffed, often afflicted with indigestion and other ills.

The gourmet is discriminating, selective and can be trim if she or he eats moderately and avoids very rich, highfat, highcarbohydrate foods. Fortunately you don’t need them to eat well. The menus and recipes for the Scarsdale Gourmet Diet can be served with pride to your most discriminating guests. I hope at the end of each day on the Diet you may feel as an earlier gourmet once did: Serenely full, the epicure would say, Fate cannot harm me, I have dined today.

You may, if you wish, switch back and forth from Gourmet to regular Scarsdale Medical Diet, but if you switch on Tuesday, use the Tuesday meals on either diet.

Remember that you follow the same time sequence on the Gourmet Diet that you do on the regular Diet, two weeks on, then two weeks on the KeepTrim Programme. If you want to reduce further, return to the Gourmet or basic Scarsdale Medical Diet for another two weeks. Keep the same WeightLoss Chart and recheck the rules if you aren’t losing weight as quickly as you think you should.

As a special bonus, you may have a glass of dry wine with supper daily if desired, but only on the Gourmet Diet.

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