Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder on true variance naturally occurring variability within or among research participants. This variance is inherent in the nature of individual participants and is not due to measurement error, imprecision of the model used to describe the variable of interest, or other extrinsic factors. It represents the variance of the TRUE scores among the participants taking the measure. Truman Show delusion a firmly held but erroneous belief that one is the star of a reality television show. Specifically, individuals feel that the people in their lives are actors and that their activities are continuously being broadcast to a worldwide audience. The Truman Show delusion was first proposed in 2006 by psychiatrist Joel Gold and philosopher Ian Gold, brothers who contend that its breadth of mistrust and its potential prevalence among people who otherwise have no diagnosable mental illness are factors that distinguish it from other types of delusions. Critics, however, say the phenomenon’s psychological features overlap with those of other delusions to such an extent that it is not a unique entity but rather a variation of traditionally recognized psychotic themes of grandeur and persecution or surveillance. Aerin Lauder 2016.

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