Avoid HIGHFAT foods to help control CHOLESTEROL.


Peptic Ulcer (StomachDuodenum)
Frequently worry is a contributing factor to peptic ulcer. For that there are no dietary aids. No one can handle your personal problems except you.

As a doctor, I see innumerable tragedies. As a result, I encourage everyone to make the most of each day. Good health is such a magnificent gift, the ability to wake up in the morning, take care of oneself, do new things, see new people, enjoy the wellloved familiar onesthey make me too grateful to worry about most other things.
I like to divide my problems into â˜good ones’ and â˜bad ones.’ If you think about it philosophically, many of our everyday problems are â˜good ones.’

Even the exhaustion and aggravations of a very busy day are â˜good’ problems to a large degree. They are often signs of a productive, useful, interesting life, whether it is a hectic day at the office, or a day at home with active, noisy, healthy children.

Usually the things we worry about ate not as bad as the illness we create.
The diagnosis of peptic ulcer is usually extremely simple, since the symptoms are so characteristicupper, midabdominal pain generally coming on about one hour after eating. Pain frequently awakens the patient during the night, and is often accompanied by upper, midabdominal tenderness. Abdominal discomfort is relieved by antacids or eating.

Symptoms are often aggravated by coffee, alcohol, and spices.
A â˜therapeutic test’ is frequently more valuable than an Xray of the stomach and duodenum, since only 70 per cent of ulcers can be visualized. In practice, I prefer to treat rather than Xray for diagnosis.

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