Best Ways to Take Care of Yourself in Pregnancy

The first exdtement is over. You know you are going to have a baby: it has been confirmed by the doctor. You have had your first examination either by your own doctor or at the clinic. Ali the necessary tests have been done, you have made arrangements for your confinement, are taking your vitamin tablets and orangejuice; and now you wonder what next. You may be working at a fulltime job if this is your first baby and your work will occupy a good deal of your thoughts, but your next visit to the clinic is not for a month, and you may feel, â˜Surely there is something I can do to help my baby along?’ Your baby is in a safe place, growing like anything; there is no need for you to worry.

I often think how wise nature is to let the baby grow in a place where it is quite safe from interference. There are, however, a number of things you can do which will help you to have a normal and happy pregnancy.

One of the reasons some women fear pregnancy is that they imagine having a baby will spoil their looks. There is no reason why this should be so. In this chapter you will leam how to care for your body.

When you have conceived, you should start taking a new pride in your body, which is now performing such a miraculous function. At the earliest opportunity, strip off ali clothes and look at your naked body in a long mirror. Study it from top to toe. Be critical. Is your posture a good one? Do you walk erect and proudly? Take a hand mirror and survey yourself from the side. Has your spine the correct curves, or is it thrown out of place by toohigh heels or slouching? Watch yourself walking. Are you fiatfooted? The correct position for the feet is with one foot parallel to the other. Remember this when you walk about during your day’s work. Take a deep breath and notice whether your lungs expand fully.

Note down any faults and dedde to correct them.

Care of the Feet The care of the feet is a necessity during pregnancy. During the later months they will have an additional burden to carry, and need to be strong, with good arches. Here are two good exerdses for strengthening the feet. These should be done daily with bare feet.

1. Rise on tiptoe, then siıık slowly. Repeat twenty times.

2. While standing, tum the feet on to the outer edges, curling the toes under. Walk about the room with the feet in this position.

These exerdses can be done at night quite easily while undressing.

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