How Can I Lose Weight in 5 Days?

The govemment aims to reduce the amount of fat eaten by 12 percent to no more than 35 percent of our total energy intake (we currently get around 42 percent of ali our energy from fat in foods). However, it is not enough simply to reduce the fat in our diet. Although this is very important, it is also essential that we increase the amounts of antioxidant ACE vitamins that we eat and this is one of the main aims of this site.

The ACE vitamins have a very special role to play in proteçting our health and we shall look more closely at how and why they work in the following chapters. In essence, eating more of the antioxidant ACE vitamins im proves our health and cuts our risk of obesity and heart disease. In France, where the daily fat intake is only mar ginally lower than in Britain, the overall rate of deaths from heart disease is less than a third of ours in the UK: 112 per 100,000 people, per year, compared to 367 per 100,000 in Britain.

The best explanation for this extraordinary dif ference is the ACE vitamins. These are found in colourful fruits and vegetables, cooking oils and nuts. The French eat, on average, 331g of fruit and vegetables a day, against just 187g in Britain. This means they automatically eat a far higher amount of the protective ACE vitamins than we do. By boosting our levels of the ACE vitamins, we can pre serve not only our slim figures, but our arteries as well.

While the cream, lard and beef süet industries are in for leaner times in the future, the slimming business is boom ing. In 1992, we spent more than £1.5 billion on slimming foods and products. Profits for the food industry are enor mous and huge amounts of money are also spent encou raging us to buy ‘slimming’ aids. For example, Slim Fas t meal replacements are backed by a £4 million promotional campaign, St Ivel spend över £2 million a year advertising Shape Yoghurt and even Batchelors SlimaSoup enjoys more than a million pounds’ worth of advertising each year. But liquid ‘diet’ drinks, meal replacement bars and small sachets of dehydrated granules are not a natural, vital way of eating. Although highly profitable, they do not teach us the simple eating habits that will result in a visible weightloss for life.

The bald truth is that 95 percent of us who follow a com mercial dieting regime put the weight back on, and more, when we stop. We are far more likely to lose ££s than pounds and there is slim evidence that any of the meal re placements and very low calorie regimes work in the long run. Some slimming foods are a calculated con.

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