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Nutrients: The Nub of It All

Moving right along What are these nutrients? Why are they so important? How do they manipulate the fat equation?
Nutrients are essential for the creation and maintenance of life. They are what we are made of. They are in the food we eat, and they contain chemical substances that provide energy and generate growth. They repair our body tissues and promote body processes.

Our very being depends on “nutrients. Our bodies are nothing more than flesh and blood. and energy.. If we could be broken down and put in a test tube, we vvould be nothing more than a combination of six nutrients; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, lipids, and water.

Vitamins perform specific and vital functions in the on- going process of life. They carry on the process of life. They are organic substances absolutely essential for growth and health.’ They contain enzymes and aid in building our majör body structures. Examples are vitamins C, B, A, and D.

Minerals can be either organic or inorganic, and they exist in our bones, teeth, tissue, muscle, blood, and nerve cells. They affect processes such as hormonal production, muscle response, nervous-system communication, and fluid balances, plus of course much more. Examples are calcium, chlorine, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, and magnesium.

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