Christina Aguilera Workout Routine Diet Plan

Stage One of the Digestive Process

During the first stage, food is tumed into nutrients by K three parts of the body: the mouth, the stomach, and the . Vif small intestine. the mouth Eating a carbohydrate activates the enzyme ptyalin, which breaks the carbohydrate down into nutrients. Other foodsproteins, fats, and that special category of . carbohydrates, fruit, are not affected by this enzyme and pass through the mouth into the stomach. the stomach When a carbohydrate reaches your stom ach, if it has been properly digested, it is in the form of 1 maltose, a crystalline sugar. Your stomach breaks down the maltose even further and sends it on its way.

If food is a protein, it will be broken down by the enzyme pepsin, which is activated by hydrochloric acid. First it will ! I get a hydrochloricacid shower to cut through the fat and break it up. At this point the pepsin is activated to soften and break up the protein into amino acids. After these two steps, the hydrochloric acid and pepsin work together to further digest protein foods into amino acids.

When fat enters your stomach, your body uses hydro chloric acid, as well as other substances, to break it up into iipids, fat’s special nutrient form. the small intestine Food is then sent to the small Ş intestine. In your small intestine are millions of little villi eagerly waiting to absorb your now usable nutrients so that they can be transported to ali your hungry cells. With the ‘ exception of fruit, by the time food reaches the small in V testine it has already been broken down into nutrients. Fruit becomes a nutrient within the small intestine.


Christina Aguilera Workout Routine Diet Plan

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