Common Skin Diseases

This topic has not been prepared to allow you to identify certain rashes. If you have a skin disorder in your child, you should consult a doctor. Irritations from the same cause show different characteristics in different individuals, even when a skin specialist can distinguish them. This section has been prepared so that you can comfort yourself until the doctor has arrived.


Two to three days before the onset of the rash, the fever rises and the cold is indicated. The rash starts around the ears in pink stains and spreads from here to the other areas. The fever is high when the rash begins.


Heads in the form of pink spots that spread rapidly throughout the body require skin care. The fire is little or nothing. There is no indication of cold. The nappies behind your head and neck are swollen.


Beginning begins in the form of high cigarettes. Some of them collect white water on their peaks. These hills burst in a few hours. The rash begins at the face or at the beginning, gradually emerging into acne groups, gradually covering the body.


The headache and fever are visible in the child before the rash begins. The rash begins in red and hot spots of the body, such as underarms, abdomen and back.


It will be at the beginning of warm weather. It starts on the neck and shoulders. It’s a little pink pimple.


It happens in the areas where the urge contacts. There are various sizes of pink pimples or hard, red skin in a bloom.


At first it looks like a thick, red crust and a piece of skin that looks and disappears. In severe cases, itchy and the color is brownish. Little kids start on their cheeks. It is most often seen on the elbows and behind the knees after the first age.

Insect bite

They may be swollen and swollen to a size of a pound, or they may be small spots without any stones. Many bats have two distinctive features, a small hole in the needle’s throat, and often found in places where the body is open.


There are pimple bumps on the hill and rake wounds due to constant itching. In the most hated places of the body, in general, on the hands, on the wrists, the penis and the blood. Not on the back. It is contagious and must be treated


It starts in round and hard skin bubbles. It comes from a mushroom. It is contagious and must be treated.

The symptom is irrigated shells, partly brown, partly honey-colored. It is made up of simple, inflammatory germs that bring acne and boils to the fountain. The percentage starts as a delicate acne. Then, on the other side, where the face and hands can carry microbes, they start to grow in the same way. It is necessary to show the child to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. If neglected it spreads easily. During the illness, children’s laundry and bed linen should be boiled every day.

Head end

It’s much easier to find eggs rather than bits. These are white, egg shaped objects like pearls. Each one is tightly stuck to the hair. It may be itchy and red in the bottom of your hair.

Congenital arab
Many babies have red stains when they are born. These stains can be seen in two places. These are between eyebrows and eyebrows. In many cases, these stains disappear over time.
Benes can be in various lengths and shapes. Those that look ugly can be taken with surgery.

Measles, Rubella, Gülcük


There is no rash on the first three to four days of measles. It starts out as a violent cold that is getting worse and worse. Eyes are red and blue. If you pull down the lower eyelid, you will see that it is very fried. There is a dry cough that gets more and more common. The rash begins on the fourth day of illness, when the fever is high. Indistinct pink stains are seen. These stains grow larger and spread out over the face and body. One day prior to the onset of the rash, stains appear in the courts, near the lower extremities. These are small white stains, red around. But it’s very hard to know unless you know it well.

The spill lasts for a day or two with the whole body wrapped around. By the way, despite the fact that the fever is high and the cough is frequent. Then the patient starts to recover quickly.

Two days after the fire starts, if it does not face the fall or if it falls back one day,
helen is in place. During measles, the doctor must see the child at least once. If the fever does not fall within two days or rises again, you should immediately call the doctor again or take the child to a hospital.

The child’s appetite is almost completely cut off in the heat of the illness. The child likes to drink juicy things. Give him frequent juicy things. The mouth should be cleaned three times a day without being battered. The room must be kept warm to prevent the child’s cold. Two days after the fire has fallen, the child can stand upright. A week after the rash begins, there is no danger of playing with other children, provided that all the cold symptoms and coughing have completely passed.

A serum given at a time can prevent the child from catching the infant or allow the disease to pass lightly. It’s a good idea to protect children under four years of age from measles. If you notice that your child has contact with a measly person, contact your doctor immediately to ensure that the serum can be made. The immunity provided by the serum lasts only a few weeks. It is not very useful to protect a large and healthy child with serum.


Although the indications of measles and rubella are very similar, the two diseases are completely different. In rubella, there is no indication of flu, such as runny nose or cough. Only a slight angina can be seen. The fire is generally below thirty-eight degrees. Your child starts the patient 1221 days after the encounter. The child does not feel sick. The rash is in the form of pink stains that cover the entire body on the first day, the second day the stains fade and unite.

The body appears to be fried. Head, neck and swelling of the beads behind the ears are the most characteristic signs of the disease. These beads swell before the rash begins, and they remain swollen for a while after the disease has passed. The child must stay in bed as long as fever and rash persists. If the fever persists, a doctor must be called. Because it is very easy to mix measles and measles with measles.

The disease is also called baby laugh. It is a little known infectious disease. It is more common between the ages of three and the age of the older children. The fever does not fall for three or four days without any signs of cold or cold. The child feels good about himself. Suddenly a fever falls and a pinkish rash appears that resembles a daughter. By this time the child has completely recovered. This will happen in a couple of days.

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