Diet Weight Loss Goals

Most of us don’t need weight loss charts to teli us that we need to lose a few pounds, or more. The testing time for our own personal body shape comes when we are in the changing room trying to squeeze into a new size 12 outfit,
when buttons on a jacket begin to bulge or when a zip breaks under the strain of our great girth. We ali know just
by looking in the mirror that we need to lose weight.

Un fortunately, research carried out by the National Toxicology Centre in Arkansas, USA, suggests that being slightly underıveight is actually better for the body. This is because the system has to work less hard to digest food and elim inate toxic and excess materials. Overeating, bingeing and sheer greed ali plDiet a strain on our body.

However, one of the first rules of Weight Loss for Life is to stop weighing yourself more than once a fortnight. It is much more important to lose inches by firming up the body with exercise than it is to lose a few pounds of re tained water. Lean muscle weighs more than fat and given the choice, I would far rather be fitter and leaner but weigh more than a less fit, plumper person who might actually weigh less than me. It is how you look and feel that is important, not what the scales say.

Having said that, it is useful to have some kind of rough guidelines to follow regarding weight. The chart opposite gives you an indication of the optimum weight for your height. How ever, bear in mind that it is only an indication. A top level athlete will probably weigh more than a couch potato but I know which one I’d rather look like.

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