Easy lose weight at home

May the Edge be with you.

You have just ahead of you what I believe will be a remarkable experience. Fourteen days of healthy, hearty, hunger free eating will rapidly begin to take your excess pounds away and will show you the first outlines of a new you. It will be a you ‘ that is slimmer, more energetic, less driven by cravings, and very possibly freed of innumerable minor symptoms of a nutritionally inadvisable lifestyle. It will be a you that begins to understand through his or her own body what I can only sketch out for you in words. The flesh teaches faster than the pen. If you are metabolically obese, if you have been driven hither and yon by the lure of carbohydrates, then I have great surprises in store for you. Welcome to a whole new world!

In the Beginning Getting Your 14 Day Diet Off on the Right Foot
I know you want to get into the 14 day Induction diet, so I’ll make this chapter fairly brief. Here are two pre diet steps well calculated to prepare you for success. In spite of your impatience to start dieting, I believe you should consider them.


I assume your weight and your physical well being are both extremely important to you. It follows from that you’re going to make a sincere attempt to abide by the not so very difficult requests that I’ll be making of you. I won’t be angry at you if you don’t after all, we won’t have met but if you’re not willing to try, you really should be angry at yourself.

With my own patients, I’m sometimes very frank. A patient of mine named David French a 52 year old stockbroker had by his own account tried 6,000 diets and failed on all of them. He came to me somewhat reluctantly, nagged by his wife and children, I think, expressed hisskepticism, groaned at the thought of taking a lot of vitamins, and looked to me like someone who would never make it off the ground. He weighed 206 pounds on a 5’8❠frame, and his only real symptoms were fatigue and a clearly observed iplndency to have a hard time with even very mild physical exertion.
âœLet’s at least check your blood chemistries, Mr. French,❠I said, âœand then we’ll have some idea of whether you have anything to worry about.”

Those blood tests were quite enlightening. He had a whopping cholesterol level of 284 and a nearly incredible triglyceride level of 1200. At our next meeting, I leaned forward and, coming on a lot stronger than I normally would, let him have it with both barrels. âœI’d say you’re probably going to die in the next year or two, Mr. French. ” That caught his attention. In all probability, I remarked, a heart attack or a stroke would be his undoing. He also showed signs of being a borderline diabetic. His condition was completely reversible, but it was apparent he wasn’t going to make the effort to reverse it.

Six months later, Dave French weighed 162 pounds, his cholesterol level was 155, and his triglycerides were 90. He had been a heavy carbohydrate eater his whole life, someone who always hit the coffee carts for bagels and rolls, liked to stop on the way home from work for a calzone, and drank soda pop every day.

He thrived on my diet, reassured by the fact that there was no limit to the amount he could eat. âœIf you’re hungry, eat,❠I said. âœThat’s what God gave you a mouth, tongue, and lips for.â

Getting into BDK was no trouble at all for Dave French. I got him to do a half hour of exercise four times a week. He found that he slept better, and he felt far less tired during the day.

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