Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack 2015

Celebrity Name Eric James McCormack

Eric McCormack Birth= April 18, 1963

Place Birth Eric McCormack= Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Occupations Eric McCormack = Actor

Eric McCormack Relationship on= Married to Janet Holden

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Eric McCormack on an unconscious mental image of another person, especially the mother or father, that influences the way in which an individual relates to others. The imago is typically formed in infancy and childhood and is generally an idealized or otherwise not completely accurate representation. The term was originally used by Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (1856 1939) and the early psychoanalysts, and its meaning has carried over into other schools of psychology and psychotherapy. imitation n. the process of copying the behavior of another person, group, or object, intentionally or unintentionally. Some theorists propose that true imitation requires that an observer be able to take the perspective of the model. This contrasts with other forms of social learning, such as emulation (engaging in similar behavior that does not necessarily replicate the specific actions of the model) and mimicry. Eric McCormack 2016.

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