chance to combine the two and get slim while gaining energy from the ACE superslimming menus. Unlike other fad diets based on pseudoscience and temporary re sults, this weightloss guide is ali about successful, health ful slimming. It does not of fer the false promise of ‘get thin quick’. The weightreduction you will experience will be steady and, above ali else, totally permanent.

Realistte, achievable goals are set at the end of this chapter and you will be encouraged to make gradual changes to your eating habits, while stili eating most of the foods you enjoy. With the help of this site, you will find it surprisingly easy to lose those extra pounds and prevent them from ever returning.

ACE WeightLoss Charter
The Ace Plan WeightLoss for Life programme makes you the following promises:
⢠You will lose as much weight as is realistically possible
⢠You will develop a healthier view of food
⢠You will boost your health, vitality and energy levels
⢠You will ne ver need to faddiet again
⢠You will burn your food as fuel instead of storing it as excess fat
⢠You will eat more vitaminrich foods and protect your health

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