Folic Acid Good Bad And Prospective

Many of your work; It is necessary to be cautious when it comes to folic acid supplementation (fo latin boosting) in spite of the fact that folate alimin in high doses reports that it can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 40 to 60 percent.

One of the first vitamins to be recommended is folic acid; It has been said that pregnant women should receive 400 mcg daily supplementation to reduce the risk of neural tube defect (NTD). Suggested intake is usually between 200 mcg and 800 mcg.

While the debate about supplementing foods in the UK was still going on, the US Government decided in 1996 to make folic acid supplements for foods and Canada followed it in 1998. Since then, NTD cases in the US have declined by more than 20 percent. But worrying is; There is an increase in the absolute incidence of cochlektal cancer after 1996 in the United States and after 1998 in Canada.65 Another large study in Sweden found that the risk of colorectal cancer in people with high levels of folate increased significantly.

I think that’s two reasons. First; Sufficient amount of folic acid is beneficial, but it is harmful if there is not enough vitamin B12, especially when it is excessive. Normally, folic acid is transformed into folate (the type of food supplied) that is biologically active in the body. However, some experts think that if there are no cofactor nutrients, they will not be able to convert folic acid to a high level, and therefore I can ‘suppress’ the natural mechanisms of the body.

Secondly; Folic acid is very good at stopping normal cells from turning into cancer cells but apparently promotes the growth of serous cells, called adenomas in the gut. The precancerous cells are found in the large intestine of one of the five middle-aged people and in the prostate of most middle-aged men. Excessive folic acid for these people, especially with bad nutrition, can have negative consequences.

A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association suggests that taking a high dose of folic acid (over 350 mcg) would not be a good idea if you have cancer or a precancerous condition. Researchers; A group of patients with cardiovascular diseases receiving folic acid (800 mcg) or placebo receiving B12 and B2 vitamins followed for six years.

They found cancer diagnosed in 10 percent of the folic acid area and in 8.4 percent of the placebo group. However, the high risk of cancer is mainly due to death from smoking cancer, especially smokers and those with a certain gene variation (not due to colorectal cancer as expected). However, if you do not smoke, do not have cardiovascular disease, and you do not have this gene variation, this potential rise may not cover you.

My advice is; If you are pregnant, you should take B6, B12 and zinc with 400 mcg of supplementation per day, and do not neglect to eat greens, legumes and fruit. However, if your homocysteine â‹â‹level is not high and you are not trying to lower it, do not take any more.

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