There is no more useful ritual to add to your personal health programme than a daily weighingin. For cardiac patients it is essential; for the rest of us it is extremely helpful. Weigh yourself in the nude every morning; if you do it with clothes on, you begin to kid yourself that the extra pound and a half is really your shirt or blouse. Any time that your scale hits four pounds over your desired weight, reach for SMDquickly. Stay on it until the four pounds are gone. It shouldn’t take a week.

Holiday times are probably the hardest time to diet, and perhaps the least appropriate. Who knows when you’ll have another opportunity to sample that bouillabaisse in Marseilles, or sucking pig in Majorca, or the lobster a la Nage in Brussels, or quenelle de brochet at Lameloise in Chagny, France; I could go on and on.

Good food is one of life’s great arts and great pleasures and shouldn’t be bypassed even by dieters. I must confess though, that even in the heart of Kenya, or Bahrein, or Bulgaria, I’ve been known to weigh myself on baggage v scales and then try to transpose from kilos to pounds to give myself the bad news. Tips on what to do after you’ve enjoyed a good holiday will be found later in the.

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