Gisele Bundchen Diet Plan & Workout Routine

I knew that what I was doing wasn’t right, that spending sixty dollars a month at the pharmacy wasn’t normal, that I was killing myself, but I didn’t know what to do, which way to tum. The health revolution had started, but I thought the people who shopped in healthfood stores and didn’t eat meat were weirdos and hippies. Nutrition was a word I had heard in school and the meaning of which I didn’t really know. It means, by the way, the role food plays in the health of the human body.

It never occuired to me that what I was eating and the pills I was taking were causing and perpetuating my problems, that it was my Chinese dinners w that Chairman Mao could have attended or the potato chips I imported by the case from Chicago.

I only knew that if TM I cut back, even ever so slightly, on the pills I was taking, if, God forbid, I should find myself away from home over night without my Lasix, I would blow up like a balloon. I gained and lost eight to ten pounds each day. Finally, I convinced a doctor in Los Angeles to put me in the hospital for tests. In ten days, off my drugs, I gained twentytwo pounds. My legs bloated, my eyes puffed into slits.


Gisele Bundchen Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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