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Keep Your Eye on Your Metabolism

Sugar, you see, activates certain metabolic processes that are both harmful to your health and folly for your waistline. Sugar is a metabolic poison.

You could, of course, ignore this fact and attempt to control your overweight by calorie counting and eating only so many pieces of this and only so many grams of that. That is, you could direct yourself to the quantity instead of the quality of your diet. Isn’t that what conventional dieting advises you to do?
But I want to tell you that the likelihood that you’ll permanently lose weight by controlling your calories is almost nil.

Bet you guessed that before now. Common sense dictates that when a lot of people try the same answer to the same problem and they all fail, there’s something wrong with their solution. You may have tried a low calorie diet. I’m sure you’ve seen other people try it. After a promising start, they end up as failures. Perhaps there is no sense beating your head against the wall.

Melissa Jackson, a 35 year old insurance executive, came to me weighing 223 pounds on a 5r4″ frame. She had tried literally every diet that she read about or that anyone proposed to her since she was 16. She had been fat even as a child. The situation had always tormented and obsessed her, because not only did fat interfere with her life, it was something she simply couldn’t handle. She tried diet pills and liquid protein diets, and then Weight Watchers and a long list of other low fat diets. By the time she was in her thirties, she was used to being told after months of conscientious struggle that she was âœplateauing at 200 pounds.â

âœThe situation was out of my control and because of that I didn’t like myself. It got to the point where I would be hungry all the time on low fat or low calorie diets, and I’d lose maybe two pounds a month. Then I couldn’t even lose that. I would literally starve myself to the point of collapse, and after four or five days of eating nothing I’d find I’d lost half a pound.â

Melissa Jackson went on the Atkins diet and lost 77 pounds in a year. Without hunger. She has always liked and during a large part of her life had craved cake, candy, soda, and pasta, and she gave those foods up. But everything else she enjoyed eating, she ate. After the first few weeks, she didn’t miss what she wasn’t having. She had more energy, needed less sleep, her cholesterol level went down, and her ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol went up. She used to wear a size 20 dress, now wears a size 8 or 10.
If all this still seems mysterious to you, I can only say, read on.
I said one whole large category of obesity, which we agreed to call group A, was metabolic. Let’s learn in what specific way.

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