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Insulin The Hormone That Makes You Fat
I’m going to talk to you about the hormone whose name you’ve heard many times insulin. Even though this chapter is going to cover some technical points, I think you ought to read it carefully, because for many of you, the answers are here.

Almost everyone has heard of insulin because it’s given to certain kinds of diabetics to help control their blood sugar levels. This insulin hormone is one of the most powerful and efficient substances that the body uses to control the use, distribution and storage of energy.

Your body is an energy machine, never resting, always metabolically active and it powers its operations mainly through the use of glucose (a basic form of sugar) in the lood. It must have the glucose, and even under conditions of starvation it will continue to obtain it so long as there’s anything in $he body it can convert into glucose. Thus, even on a prolonged, total fast, the body can maintain its glucose level within a rather narrow normal range. As a general rule, of course, the body obtains its principal supply of fuel by eating.

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