How to tell when your baby is getting enough breast milk!

One of the old wives’ tales that many women hear is that a pregnant woman should eat enough for two. Don’t believe a word of this. You certainly do not need to eat more, but you should be careful to eat the right foods.
You should understand that your baby is being nourished by you, and its healthy development depends very much on whether you yourself are eating the foods which are essential. In addition to this, after baby‘s birth your body will be making the milk which is to feed your baby. It stands to reason, there fore, that your diet must contam ali the essential foods necessary for the extra demands which will be made on your own body.

important Articles of Diet The most important food in a mother’s diet is milk and other dairy products. I have already mentioned that you will be able to buy one pint of milk daily at a reduced rate throughout pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding). You should certainly use this one pint, but an expectant mother needs at least two pints of milk daily. This does not mean that you need drink the milk neat. It can be utilized in any way you Hke. If you are drinking it, you may flavour it with fruit juice (blackcurrant is palatable, and also contains Vitamin C), or a little coffee, or any other flavouring you prefer.

Part of the milk can be used for milk puddings or jelHes, or sauces. The value of milk is not lost by cooking or flavouring. It is important to note this, because from time to time I meet young mothers who are neglecting to take milk and who say, âœOh, I can’t drink milkâ. Milk is important because it is a very rich source of caldum and protein, both of vvhich are needed to form a baby, and also to provide milk for it after birth. The other dairy products are very valuable toocheese, eggs, margarine, or butter thinly spread.


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