Hypoglycemia Diet

Start With the GTT

Let’s see how one diagnoses blood glucose problems and the possibility of eventually developing diabetes.

I told you on blog that you must demand a 5 hour test and that drawing insulin levels is imperative if you are 15% above your ideal weight. But how does the test get interpreted?

Your doctor will tell you if you are abnormal, right? Maybe right and maybe wrong. The prejudice against the diagnosis and management of reactive hypoglycemia by the medical establishment represents one of its most prolonged failures to practice good, responsive medicine. For the past forty or more years, nearly a majority of physicians have taken a hypoglycemia doesn’t exist attitude and, for them, presenting grossly abnormal results done at a proper medical lab will get you nowhere. It will get you angry denials, sometimes replete with expletives.

By and large, these doctors represent the mega orthodoxy within the profession doctors who worship medicine with religious fervor, but not the process of medicine, rather the conclusions of its Holy Synod, the amorphous but all powerful medical consensus.

indirIt is consensus medicine that denied the existence of reactive hypoglycemia even though GTT testing has always revealed deviations from the normal, or ideal, picture in the majority of obese subjects. The scientific rationale for their position is a series of studies on so called âœhealthy normals,❠many of whom showed abnormalities that fulfilled most criteria for the diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia. Their conclusion: If healthy normals show it, then the lab test has no meaning. But these healthy normals were not screened for family histories of diabetes, obesity, or heart disease, nor for symptoms like sugar craving, food addiction, or academic underachievement. Just how normal were the ones with the abnormal lab findings? Suppose someone had studied the same subjects for their cholesterol level? Would all of them have been below 200 mg %? I doubt it. Yet, if someone had concluded that those healthy normals with cholesterol elevations were to be treated without concern, he would have been drummed out of the corps.

The real diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia is based more on symptoms than on the GTT results. The bottom line for the diagnosis is the correction of the symptoms by a diet known to stabilize hypoglycemia. And for overweight, symptomatic people, that’s this one.

1 have discussed the matter at length in my second write, Dr. Atkins Superenergy Diet, and those of you running into difficulties with physician close mindedness will find it of value.

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