How the ‘JustRight’ Combination of Foods Was Created

Nobody could be more delighted and surprised at the extraordinary success of the Diet than I, since I am not a â˜diet doctor.’

Early in my medical career, I became impressed with the importance, even the absolute necessity, of proper weight management for maximum individual health and wellbeing. This is especially true for the heart patient.
I would tell my overweight patients to reduce, as do so many other physicians. However, that just didn’t work with most people. I would say forcefully, â˜You must take off that unhealthy fat and flab. Go on a good reducing diet immediately.’

The usual reply: â˜I’ve tried all the diets I could find, and they just don’t work for me, I finally decided that I would have to do something about that very real problem myself. Nineteen years ago, at the time that I founded the Scarsdale Medical Centre, I concentrated on creating a reducing diet that would be simple and effective. One that would keep them trim for the rest of their lives. Taking the weight off was basic, but they also had to keep it offtor many the most difficult aspect.

Studying other diets and their faults and flaws, I came to the conclusion that they were too complicated or too slow, overly demanding, or had other defects that turned people away.

Thus the Scarsdale Medical Diet (SMD) evolved. A great deal went into creating it, but essentially my guides were medical knowledge gained through years of medical practice, daytoday experience with all kinds of patients, and just plain common sense.

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Over the past nineteen years, patients who reduced and kept trim on the Scarsdale Medical Diet spread the news through their own improved appearance and wellbeing. The word got around that something phenomenal was happening in weight loss.

Teachers in some physical fitness classes distributed the Diet to hundreds of students, recommending exercise to firm off inches, and the Scarsdale Medical Diet to take off pounds.

Jogging groups took up the Diet. A nurse who lost 11 pounds quickly and easily, introduced it where she worked. Her husband, a policeman, lost 14 pounds and alerted overweight fellow officers in the New York City Police Department.
The Beach Point Club in Mamaroneck, New York, placed a sheet on its bulletin boards and dining tables announcing: The Scarsdale Diet… If you’re on it, Beach Point has it… If you’re not on it, you will be … Every lunch in the Pavilion, every regular dinner in the dining room has a Scarsdale Diet dish on the menu/ A woman on jury duty took along a Scarsdale Medical Diet lunch box, and was pleased to see others in the courtroom toting the same.

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