Keira Knightley Diet and Workout

Buy enough, more than you think you’ll need. Five pounds of grapes on a grape day is not excessive. Better to freeze leftovers than set yourself up for failure by not having enough.

Eat slowly. It isn’t how much you eat in how short a time it’s how long you can make the pleasure last.
Use frozen food only when fresh food is not available. Do not eat canned foods because of the high sodium content.
Don’t substitute fresh fruit for dried fruit. Dried fruit may be substituted for fresh fruit only when fresh or frozen fruits are not available.

Eat only the foods listed. If something else flies into your mouth, spit it out quick!
Wait two hours between eating different kinds of fruits.

Wait three hours between eating ali other kinds of foods that is, fruit to carb, fruit to protein, carb to carb, carb to protein, protein to protein.

All dried fruit must be unsulfured (no sulfur dioxide or preservatives or honey dipped). Soak ali dried fruits, except raisins and dates, for one hour and then discard the water.

All nuts and seeds must be rav and unsalted.

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