Kelis 2015

Celebrity Name Kelis Rogers

Kelis Birth= August 21, 1979

Place Birth Kelis= New York City, NY

Occupations Kelis = Performer

Kelis Relationship on= Married to Nas

A-Listed= B-List

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Kelis on emotional intelligence the ability to process emotional information and use it in reasoning and other cognitive activities. It comprises four abilities: to perceive and appraise emotions accurately; to access and evoke emotions when they facilitate cognition; to comprehend emotional language and make use of emotional information; and to regulate one’s own and others’ emotions to promote growth and well-being. emotional regulation the ability of an individual to modulate an emotion or set of emotions. Techniques of conscious emotional regulation can include learning to construe situations differently in order to manage them better and recognizing how different behaviors can be used in the service of a given emotional state. emotion-focused coping a type of coping strategy that focuses on regulating negative emotional reactions to a stressor, as opposed to taking actions to change the stressor. Emotion-focused coping may include social withdrawal, disengagement, and acceptance of the situation. Compare problem-focused coping. Kelis 2016.

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