How to lose weight fast for men

The Metabolic Advantage Every Dieter’s Dream

I can’t wait to get you started on the convincer the real clincher the 14 day trial on the Induction diet. That experience will be worth a thousand chapters.

But before I do, I have something designed to increase your enthusiasm to a fever pitch. Are you ready for this?
You can lose more weight and more fat, calorie for calorie, on the Atkins diet than on any other diet you’ve ever tried.

In other words, this diet will give you an edge, what in scientific lingo would be called a metabolic advantage. That’s what will enable you to lose weight on the Atkins diet eating the same number of calories you used to gain on. And, if you’re eating fewer calories on this diet, as you probably will be, it will enable you to lose with considerably greater rapidity. You’ll remember I pointed out that the calorie theory, as an explanation of weight gain and weight loss, has enough loopholes to render it invalid.

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