How to lose weight fast without exercise

The Message of Smooth and Happy Weight Loss

The beauty of BDK is that it bypasses the agony of low calorie dieting, which is carried out with the help of almost no lipid mobilizer support. And ketosis is not only pleasurable, but frequently essential. People who’ve been fat for a long time or who’ve tried many diets often find it very nearly impossible to lose much weight unless they’re in ketosis. I’ve treated people who, on 700 or 800 balanced calories a day, couldn’t lose weight. That’s less than half the normal caloric intake of an average woman. And yet they lost weight when they were placed on ketogenic diets of even more calories.

When I make this claim, that you can lose more weight on a higher number of calories, I seem to be breaking the law one of the hallowed laws of thermodynamics. Many powers that be get terribly provoked when I repeal their laws. But the calorie theory is a false law that is meant to be broken, and ketosis lipolysis is the instrument for breaking it You’ll see exactly what I mean in the next chapter.

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