What is lowfat cheese?

Lowfat cheese is similar to lowfat cottage cheese. Either one or the other will do where listed on the Scarsdale Medical Diets menus.

Are Italian espresso coffee, instant coffee, and other types of coffee permitted on the Scarsdale Medical Diet?

Yes, you may enjoy any type of coffee at any timealways without sugar, cream, or milk added; sugar substitute may be used. But don’t drink any instant coffee which is prepared with sugar, powdered milk, or cream. (Check the ingredients on the packages.)

Is decaffeinated coffee better on the Diet than regular coffee?

Either may be usedit’s a matter of personal choice. If caffeine doesn’t agree with you, drink decaffeinated coffee, of course.

I like plain soda water with a slice of lemon or limeis that permitted on the Diet?

Yes, it’s an excellent thirstquenching drink.

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