In making fruit salad, must the fruits all be fresh, or can I use tinned and frozen fruits?

When fruits are specified on the menu, they should preferably be fresh. Tinned or frozen may be used, as long as they are not packed with sugar, or any other caloric sweetener. Sugar substitutes are permitted.

Can I really have any kind of shellfish where you list 1 fish’ on the menu, as on Friday’s dinner?

Yes, you may enjoy shrimps, lobster, scallops, crab, oysters, prawns, mussels, and so on. None of the fish or shellfish dishes should be prepared or served with any fats, oils, butter, or margarine. Prawn cocktail sauce may be used in moderation.

When you specify â˜plenty of steak, ‘ can I eat over a pound of steak, if I want?

Your guideline is this: Never overload your stomach! If you do, you won’t lose weight as rapidly.

When you list salad in a daily menu, can I pile my plate to overflowing?

You can eat lots of salad greens with a dressing of lemon and vinegar, but beware of the rich dressings, sauces, potato salad, croutons, and other additions that tempt diners at helpyourself restaurant salad bars. And, I repeat, never overload your stomach, no matter whatthat involves a special health danger.

When I eat \assorted cheese slices, ‘ can I eat any kind of cheese, including Brie and other rich cheeses?

If you are losing weight rapidly on the Diet, then such indulgence is permissible. Otherwise, select lowfat cheeses.

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