Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony 2015

Celebrity Name Marco Antonio Muñiz

Marc Anthony Birth= September 16, 1968

Place Birth Marc Anthony= New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Occupations Marc Anthony = Singer / Performer

Marc Anthony Relationship on= Divorced

A-Listed= B-List

Marc Anthony crushed many mens hearts when he swept Jennifer Lopez off her feet. Pictures of Marc Anthony and J.Lo with their twin girls are available at Gossip Girls. Marc Anthony continues to work the Hollywood crowd with video, news, and photos

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Marc Anthony on counting, praying) engaged in to reduce anxiety or distress. Typically the individual feels driven or compelled to perform the compulsion to reduce the distress associated with an obsession or to prevent a dreaded event or situation. Compulsions may also take the form of rigid or stereotyped acts based on idiosyncratic rules that do not have a rational basis (e.g., having to perform a task in a certain way). Compulsions do not provide pleasure or gratification and are disproportionate or irrelevant to the feared situation they are used to neutralize. See obsessive-compulsive disorder. Marc Anthony 2016.

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