A negative nitrogen balance indicates the opposite is hap pening; more nitrogen is leaving than is coming in

The rate of tissue breakdown is greater than the rate of tissue synthesis. This occurs when the body is not taking in enough protein, protein is being burned for energy because not enough fat and carbohydrates are present for fuel, and the protein needs of the body are greatly increased, as in cancer.

Cancer and Protein
The cancer cells change the metabolism of protein so that more amino acids are available for tumor growth. This can translate into a loss of muscle tissue and predisposes cancer patients to a state of negative nitrogen balance.
Most of the protein in your diet should come from plant sources. Plant proteins come complete with numerous can cer fighting nutrients and phytochemicals.

The proteins from fatty fish come packaged with the omega 3 fatty acids necessary for the body’s defense system. They should provide the second highest amount of protein in your diet. Skinless poultry should make the smallest contribution to your amino acid pool. Poultry is a good source of minerals but often tastes âœwrong❠from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Proteins are composed of amino acids and are the body’s only source of nitrogen. They contribute to the formation of body tissues, enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobin, and hormones. Cancer interferes with protein metabolism by burning some of the body’s proteins for fuel even when enough carbohydrates and fat are present. A lack of protein has a devastating effect on the immune system.

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