What Nutrients Does the Body Need to be Well Nourished?

I have chosen to list nutritional needs for you in the clearest, most basic terms. Long and valuable s about nutrition have already been written, and new ones are in process as nutritional detectives uncover more of the chemical mysteries of our bodies. For the purposes of this, it is enough for you to be familiar with what nutrients are essential to you, what services they perform for you, and what foods in the Scarsdale Medical Diet contain these necessary elements:

Proteins provide the amino acids necessary to produce enzymes, antibodies, and cells for growth, maintenance and repair of tissues. Enzymes are needed to regulate body processes. Antibodies fight infection and disease.
Proteins are found in the Scarsdale Medical Diet in fish, meat, poultry, protein bread, cheese.

Carbohydrates are primarily an energy source. The body will burn carbohydrates in preference to proteins and thus â˜spare’ or conserve proteins so they can fulfil their primary function of tissue replacement. Complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, also provide bulk for proper elimination. (Complex carbohydrates are not the same as the simple carbohydrates in sugar and starches.)
Carbohydrates are found in the Scarsdale Medical Diet in the protein bread, fruits, and vegetables allowed you.

Fats provide a concentrated source of energy. They furnish protection for various vital organs, and body insulation. Fat is especially helpful in making food palatable, but consumption of fats in excess is sure to result in weight problems.

Fats are found in the Scarsdale Medical Diet in meat, eggs, cheese, poultry, and nuts.

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