Why the Phenomenal Success of the Scarsdale Weight Loss Diet

I, personally, explain the Scarsdale Medical Diet’s phenomenal popularity in two words: *It works.’ A slim, trim lady said to me recently, â˜Your diet is beautifully simple, and the results are simply beautiful.’ I just say, â˜It works.’
Any good doctor will tell you that what you eat is important to your health. Perhaps my background of over forty years as a specialist and family doctor has made me especially diet conscious. For all these years, I have been counselling patients to eat and drink sensibly and stay trim.

I have listed for them quite specifically what they should or should not eat if they want to lose weight, or if I think they need to.

A number of years ago I decided to save time by having my diet suggestions typed up and duplicated. If my mail has been any indication, those wellread, dogeared, duplicated sheets have travelled the length of America and to many places in Europe and the Middle East.

Recently the media got the message and, suddenly sparked by newspaper and magazine articles, literally thousands of people from all over the world were calling and writing for ‘s â˜Scarsdale Medical Diet.’ I am told that no diet has ever been as spontaneously and unanimously acclaimed as this one. At first it took off arithmeticallyone patient telling another person. As word of mouth increased, its popularity grew geometrically, nationally and internationally.

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