I have known young women who are rather afraid of attend ing a prenatal clinic. Many people are afraid of the unknown, and a woman may think that she will be subjected to ali kinds of unpleasant ordeals and examinations. On the contrary, pre natal clinics are happy places where doctors and nurses are in spired by one ideal: to keep the motherstobe well and cheer fiıl and to ensure a safe deHvery and a fine, healthy baby.

When you arrive for your first visit, the nurse will take your name and address and details of your medical history and fiil up a prenatal card for you. She will examine your urine for albumen and sugar at each visit, and probably weigh you.

You will soon feel she is a friend to whom you can talk freely. In your tum you will then be ushered in to see the doctor, who sometimes may be a woman. In Local Authority clinics, and in hospitals too, women doctors are often found.

The doctor will give you a general medical examination to make sure your heart and lungs are normal.


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