Pyramid Diet Secrets to Lose Weight

The Diet Plan Pyramid
The best way to plan your daily menus is to divide your meals into the different food groups. The following chart shows just what the average weightloss menü should look like each day.
⢠45 percent complex ‘starchy’ carbohydrates (e.g. whole meal bread, pasta and potatoes)
⢠15 percent protein (e.g. fish, cheese, lean meat and nuts)
⢠15 percent saturated fat (e.g. animal fat such as butter, cream and fatty meat)
⢠15 percent unsaturated fat (e.g. vegetable oils, most nuts and avocados)
⢠10 percent sugar (including honey, glucose, dextrose and ali other sugars)
In addition, your daily weightloss menü should contain the following:
⢠1520 grams of fibre
⢠35 grams of salt (sodium)
⢠Less than 300mg of cholesterol (e.g. meat, egg yolks and cream).

The guidelines for ACE eating and weightloss are easily illustrated in the form of a food pyramid. This ataglance picture gives you an instant idea of how to plan your daily meals. The wide bottom of the ACE eating pyramid is the basis for healthy weightloss and includes 59 portions of complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread or:

Use sparingly: fats and oils Sunflovver oil contains the most vitamin E
Seldom eat: sugar, sweets and sugared drinks
Occasionaliy eat: protein such as fish, meat and pouttry, milk yoghurt and cheese. 35 portions a day
Nuts and seeds are a good source of protein and are rich in vitamin E
Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C and betacarotene
Frequently eat: fruits and vegetables 59 portions a day
Frequently eat: vvholemeal bread, pasta and potatoes. 59 portions a day VVholemeal bread is a good source of vitamin E. Baked potatoes are rich y in vitamin C brown rice, each day. The next layer up on the pyramid are the

ACE superslimming foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. We should aim to eat at least 5 portions of these every day. The level above the ACE superslimming foods consists of a limited amount of protein, such as chicken, fish, meat, eggs and cheese. Protein is of ten high in fat, so should be eaten sparingly. In this case, between 35 serv ings per day is plenty. At the top of the ACE eating pyramid we find those foods that should be eaten very sparingly. These include fats and oils, sugars, sweets and sugared drinks. These should only be used occasionaliy as they are ali high in calories and of ten low in ACE vitamins.

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