Scarsdale Diets Basic Rules (Repeated here for your convenience.)

1. Eat exactly what is assigned. Don’t substitute.

2. Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages.

3. Between meals you eat only carrots and celery, but you may have as much as you wish.

4. The only beverages allowed are regular or decaffeinated coffee, black; tea; soda water (with lemon, if desired); and â˜slimline’ drinks. You may drink them as often as you wish.

5. Prepare all salads without oil, mayonnaise, or other rich dressings. Use only lemon and vinegar, or the vinaigrette or mustard dressing in Chapter 8, or dressings in Chapter 10.

6. Eat vegetables without butter, margarine, or other fat; lemon may be used.

7. All meat should be very lean; remove all visible fat before eating. Remove skin and fat from chicken and turkey before eating.

8. It is not necessary to eat everything listed, but don’t substitute or add. Indicated combinations should be observed.

9. Never overload your stomach. When you feel full, STOP!

10. Don’t stay on the Diet more than fourteen days.

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