When I see on the scales first thing in the morning that i’ve lost a pound or two, I eat more that day; how can I con trol myself?

I personally weigh myself every day to see how much I can cheat. I have no objection to your going off the Keep Trim guidelines as long as you are down to a proper weight. Set a goal that you feel you must reach before you start cheating.

I’ve lost 20 pounds, 15 more to go, but the skin on my face seems to be sagging; will facial exercises or anything help me?

The sagging skin that one occasionally sees after a large weight loss will in practically every instance shrink within a reasonable period of time.

In the second week of my diet, after losing over a pound a day, and sticking to the diet, I hit a plateau the past three days; why is that?

This happens with a small percentage of dieters, and is overcome by staying on the Diet, observing the SMD Basic Rules precisely. Check yourself to make absolutely sure that you are not â˜cheating/ eating and snacking foods prohibited on the Diet, or overloading your stomach with excessive portionsthe primary reasons for a â˜plateau.’

Be patient and persistentstay on the Diet for the full two weeks, then go on KeepTrim Eating for two weeks, then back to one of the Scarsdale Diets. Continue with the TwoOnTwoOff programme until you are down to your desired weight.

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