Vegetarian Diet


Cut 1 slice of wholemeal or protein bread into about 30 or more cubes. Coat a small pan with nostick vegetable spray or chicken broth and heat cubes over high flame, stirring until crispy and brown. Sprinkle with seasoned salt (or garlic salt, if preferred).

These may be used as croûtons, or crumbled to breadcrumbs to enhance salads or other foods in any meal where 1 slice protein toast is*indicated in the menu.

REPEAT THE DAILY MENUS for your second week on the Scarsdale Vegetarian Diet.

AFTER YOUR TWO WEEKS on the Scarsdale Vegetarian Diet, if you still want to lose more pounds to get down to your desired weight, go on to two weeks of KeepTrim Eating, adapting to your regulations. Following that period, return to two more weeks on the Vegetarian Diet.

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