If you think you have conceived, you should visit your doctor without delay. If you have missed only one period he may ask you to come again if you miss a second, before he can con firm that you are pregnant.

In order to make sure, he will probably make an internal or vaginal examination. There is no need to fear this, as it is quite simple and painless. By this examination the doctor can teli whether the womb (uterus) is larger than it would be if you had not conceived. Sometimes another examination a month later may be necessary before the doctor can be certain.

Much later in pregnancy about the twentyfourth week the doctor will be able to hear the baby’s heart beating. He can listen to the heartbeat through his stethoscope.

You will realize that even your doctor cannot be absolutely certain you have conceived until about 3 months after your baby’s conception. If, for some spedal reason, you wish to be certain much sooner (you may be going abroad, for instance), you can have a special pregnancy test. For this purpose a spe dmen of your early moming urine is necessary.

This is sent to a laboratory. There are several tests; the best known is called the AscheimZondek Test. In these tests the urine is injected into an animal, and if pregnancy has occurred, certain changes in the animal will take place. The result of the test can gener ally be obtained in four to five days. These tests are seldom made unless urgent, as they must be done by specially trained people in special laboratories, and hence are cosdy.

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