I want to lose five pounds. How long should I stay on the Diet?

This will vary for different people. Remember that the average weight loss on SMD is one pound per day. You should certainly accomplish your goal in less than the two ☠week period. Always keep KTP (KeepTrim Programme) in mind for a slower loss, and â˜cheat’ only when you know you can afford it.

Can I shift the lunch menu to dinner, and dinner to lunch, etc?

Once you begin to make changes, the chink in the wall is there, and the next chink is a little easier to make. Switch only if circumstances and common sense dictate it. And perhaps I should add, â˜good manners,’ as well. I was told about a woman who insisted that her hostess defrost a steak for her â˜because Sunday dinner on my Scarsdale Diet says plenty of grilled steak.’ I hope she wasn’t one of my patients.

Since the diet promotes the production of ketones, is it necessary to drink a great deal of water in order to help wash out the increased amount of ketones through the urine?

Drinking a lot of water is usually a good habit. Howevef; on the Scarsdale Medical Diet, take fluids as desiredas your own body dictates. The moderately increased ketone production does not require drinking a specified quantity of water or other liquids.

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