Weight Loss for Kids

Weight Loss Exercise Children

It is important to introduce children to the idea of taking some form of regular exercise while stili young. This will help them to maintain a lithe, lean figüre as they grow up and prevent them from developing into lazy, fat adults. Lifestyle routines established now will become the habits of a lifetime. However, it is important not to emphasize the Weight Loss advantages to young children.

You can score an owngoal by making youngsters unhealthily paranoid about their appearance. instead of stressing Weight Loss, highlight the benefits of health and fitness gain. Children will also benefit from improved hand to eye coordination and the philosophies of teamwork, cooper ation, selfimprovement and selfesteem.

Exercise during childhood is doubly important as it stimulates healthy bone development. Fun activities such as obstacle courses, kiteflying and games of tag are good for encouraging movement in toddlers and younger children. Older children can be introduced to teamgames and sports. Teenagers and young children should not do too much weighttraining to develop their muscles as this can stunt bone growth. Excessive weighttraining and resis tance exercises should be avoided before eighteen to twenty years of age.

This is the age when the epiphyseal plates seal the tops of our bones with a latticework layer to prevent any further growth. Loadbearing exercises can damage the formation of these structures and lead to bone and joint problems in later life. Excessive exercise during puberty can also play havoc with the female menstrual cycle and delay the onset of, or disrupt, periods. It may even stop them altogether (a disorder known as amenor rhoea).

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