AVOCADO GAZPACHO The melange of strong flavours in this gazpacho requires a firm, crisply dry wine. Try Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, 1994. £6.99,

Majestic; Great Northern Wine Co.

Leeds (tel: 01132-461200).

SCALLOP CEVICHE The piquancy of this starter and the creamy texture of the scallops call for a crisp, dry wine with a full flavour, such as Chablis ler Cru Fourchaumes, 1993. £11, Morris & Verdin (tel: 0171-357 8866).

SALMON SASHIMI Whilst the opulent texture and flavour of salmon make it an easy partner for wine, the hot wasabi paste will fight furiously. An assertively dry, light and very clean-flavoured wine, such as Chateau Le Bost, 1993, Bergerac Blanc, may do the trick. £4.29, Wine Rack/Bottoms Up/Thresher.

VENISON CARPACCIO WITH TARTARE SALSA This dish has a combination of gamy and tangy flavours. Either a good beaujolais or a light burgundy will go well. Try a juicy burgundy: Marsannay, 1992, Trapet. £8.99, Oddbins.

ITALIAN CHOCOLATE FRIDGE CAKE Chocolate is notoriously difficult to match with wine. The best partner is a small glass of unctuously grapey, rich Australian Liqueur Muscat – and chill the wine well for this dessert. Most wine merchants stock at least one from the small, select number of producers, and all are excellent.

TRIPLE STRAWBERRY SUNDAE WITH HONEY AND ALMONDS This mouth-watering dessert should be complemented with a similarly styled wine, none better than a very fine German spatlese such as Dr Loosen Wehlener Riesling Spatlese, 1992, which, once opened, will keep in the fridge for several days. £10.99,

Tanners (tel: 01743-232400). Two delectablepuddings: Italian chocolate fridge cake, and triple strawberry sundae


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